Scarlett the Harlot Johansson


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David Ayer is a Homophobe/Sexist

It may not be evident from his movies, but David Ayer is in fact a homophobe.

Have you noticed how he never has any films that feature homosexuals? I’m not a homo myself (and I oppose gay marriage), but it would have been fair to include something pro-lesbian kind of like Brokeback Mountain.

Also, if you saw his last movie, he is definitely sexist. He had Margot Robbie dress up like a whore, and this was supposed to be fun? Not sure why Ms. Robbie took on this role, but boy did she shame herself. Normally, I would be angry at what he did with that Japanese Woman in that movie, but considering what he did to his own damn girls, I can’t say I’m that upset.

I cannot confirm this, but I know someone who works close to Mr. Ayer. In addition to dropping racial epithets against Hispanics and gays, he is known to use the word “faggot” and “dame” repeatedly (he probably got it from Sin City). I have never met Mr. Ayer, and I’m glad I haven’t, but it seems like he is one of the worst men to walk this Earth. I’m conservative, but even queers deserve basic decency.

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I Hate Kikes

I’ve had problems with rednecks and hicks, but not nearly as much as I’ve had problems with these hook-nosed kikes in my area.

1 — Kikes are deceitful. Growing up with these things, I noticed that whenever they want to fight, they always do a sneak attack. This typically includes manipulation and legal action. They take this sort of behavior into the professional world by manipulating the media and other industries. They wonder why they’ve been ousted from over a hundred countries? Normally I would not agree with majority opinion, but this is one case where I concur.

2 — Kikes are short. Folks usually point out that there are a few tall muscular kikes out there, but that’s called cherry-picking. On average, jews are a short disgusting race. Far uglier than blacks.

3 — Kikes joke too much. Every time I see them, they are laughing. Frozen smiles on those fat yiddish lips. They are always making jokes that no sensible man would laugh at, usually at other peoples’ expense. But when someone makes a joke about the Holohoax, it’s suddenly a serious offense.

4 — Kikes are fake conformists. They always single out people who are different. I’ve always been a loner, and jews always point at me and whisper to their idiot friends. It’s always the same. They come up to me and say “Hi” in a sarcastic way, and proceed to chortle with their groupie friends. It’s so typical it’s disgusting.

5 — Jews are ugly. Hook-noses, smashed-in faces, horse-faces, beady fucking eyes, fat lips. I’ve seen negroes that looked more appealing.

6 — Kikes are whiny. I’ve seen them get into fights with other people (usually the kike started it) and they always run to the police or their lawyer. They always talk, and the justice system protects them, meaning they have no need for physical combat. And they always have those same voices — that slightly retarded, whiny gravel voice that belongs back in Egypt. I might be ranting now, but it’s a rant that few people would make because these fucking kikes control all business.

7 — As I mentioned before, Scarlett The Harlot Johansson made that film Lucy, which was overtly racist against Orientals. Yet she is an activist for Israel, defends coons like Obama, called Donald Trump a racist coward just because he is expressing his view, and cried like a fucking baby when her naked ass appeared on the internet via leaked photos. This kikess isn’t even that hot. Kate Beckinsale is much prettier, and happens to be Oriental (she never ages). Yids may live longer, but Orientals make our years last. Quality > Quantity.

Folks probably have other reasons to hate them, but it’d be a drop in a lake. I do not regard myself as particularly heroic, but at least I don’t go around like a kike bragging about shit that never happened.

For more information, read my latest sci fi book, Dragon Woman:

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Dragon Woman, China’s Superhero

I placed a new tab on the top of this blog for my latest novel, Dragon Woman, China’s Mightiest Superhero (available on


I also have the sequel done:


The tab I included on this page has the entire first part. I might not have studio-level power yet, but I believe defending my honor will lead to my eventual success. And yes — it is racist as fuck.

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Regarding Hollywood’s Lack of Creativity

Most folks who read this blog (and I will recover my previous audience base soon) sometimes think — Well, if the movie is good, I may consider watching it even if there are a few racist things about Asians.

For argument’s sake, let’s forget the anti-Asian racism. Let’s look at the artistic merits of American cinema.

1 — Superheroes — They’re all the same. Guys with boring powers (Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow). They only succeed because the millennial generation doesn’t have a clue. For that matter, neither did my generation. I recall when the 1990s Independence Day (Will Smith) came out, the kids went crazy for it. A typical alien invasion story that has been replaced by typical comic book characters that Marvel stole from DC. And DC already sucked to begin with (Green Arrow? Really?). If they’re going to steal ideas, steal good ideas.

2 — Sequels — The audience is getting weary of established IP. Sherl0ck Holmes has had at least 4 recent incarnations, Terminator has been boring since 2003, and the only original movies lack any creativity. They’re coming out with a new Alien movie, which is amazing because how can anyone be that interested in a typical insectoid alien who invades the typical sci fi ship (and the science makes no sense because an alien parasite would not be evolved to use a human for reproduction). The reason I single out Aliens is because Ted Chiang’s upcoming movie Arrival (based on Story of Your Life, a short story he wrote in 1998) actually has realistic aliens that are founded on scientific principles. Although the story is a sci fi classic, more americans know about Ridley Scott’s shitty film from the late 70s.

3 — Star Wars — China made it clear that they did not feel the Force when they ignored the recent Star Wars film that came out last December. Does George Lucas really believe in the whole, “Love your enemy, only fight in self-defense” shit? Or was he just saying that to be PC? In that case, does his franchise even count as a real publication? It’s one thing if the studio executives forced him to rewrite the script. But he owns Lucasfilm and could have taken initiative. He did not.

Bottom line is, even if these movies were in support of Orientals, I’m not sure how proud I would be about that. A man who wears a shitty american costume carrying an invincible shield is almost as bad as being a fag. I’m not even being sarcastic.

I say Orientals start our own industry. When we control our own studios, we call the shots, and when the crackers and kikes complain, we just laugh at them.

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Boycott Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a whore. She made that movie Lucy where she kills a hundred Oriental guys and is treated like a feminist hero. This is no joke. Read the New York Times review of the film, amongst other liberal feminist reviews.

I know that by now, the film Lucy is old, but I thought I should bring it up anyway because it is that enraging. This slut Johansson supports Barack Obama, black civil rights (see the video she posted last week to call Trump a “racist coward”), women’s rights, abortion and other leftist kike bullshit. Yet when her phone was hacked and she had her naked photos on the internet, she reportedly cried to the judge and threatened anyone with legal action for posting her naked butt online.

Here’s news for you, Harlot Johansson — it’s called cyberspace. When you do something as stupid as taking butt-naked pictures of yourself and you’re the biggest female star of the modern age, you should have expected it to leak out. Thanks for the extra pornography. You can call your attorney now.

This is the kind of injustice Orientals face every day. We see it, yet whites and kikes are blind to it. They slavishly serve the dotheads, blacks and Hispanics that are slaughtering them, yet they shit all over Orientals because we work hard and do not commit crime. What the fuck is that?

Pardon my long absence, but I’ve had some things to deal with. Glad to see that so many people commented on my previous posts, and I approved the ones that were relevant (I deleted the ones that were just “fuck you” or “I hate you” without any form of elaboration).

As a great Asian Man once told me, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” Not sure if anyone is still following this blog, but I’m going to keep posting even if I’m talking to myself. Perhaps it will be rediscovered a thousand years from now, and even then, it will be a lesson to future generations of Asians.

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Boycott Sean Blakemore

Sean Blakemore is a racist against Asians. He said in an interview that he thinks chinks should go back to China. He probably cannot tell the difference between Asian ethnicities, and believes all Asians are “Chinese”. We need to boycott Sean Blakemore, especially since a friend of mine told me that Blakemore was once stopped for disorderly conduct.

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